Sunday, October 2, 2011

SoSA vs. AA-Z

So I actually managed to get through the September of Short Adventures and vanquished the mustache dragon once and for... well for now. I am pleasantly surprised that I pulled it off given that I never completed the A-Z Blogging event from April. Though I think I have a good idea why that is.

First, in April I was unemployed. So blogging wasn't a huge priority compared to finding a job. Now that I am employed again, I feel a bit more comfortable using my free time to blog about games again.

Also with the A-Z event, you are limited to whatever letter you are supposed to blog about that day. I tapped out after S because I was struggling to come up with T-Z, and come out with them on time. With SoSA, I could blog about what I wanted when I wanted. Which is kind of the idea of blogging. if you think about it. If I wanted to blog about booze-running PCs, I could blog about booze-running PCs. If I wanted to blog about fighting a giant shark, then by God I will blog about fighting a giant shark!

Overall, this was a fun event. Big thanks go out to Matt at Asshat Paladins for getting this organized. Hopefully out of all the short adventures you will find something that fits your group.

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