Friday, September 9, 2011

[September of Short Adventures] Day 8: The PCs Fight a Giant Shark

Game System: Labyrinth Lord or Engines & Empires

Synopsis: Every year, the aquatic elves and mermen engage in a surface-level swimming marathon. In need of impartial judges, they ask the PCs to fill the role. The PCs are taken out on a boat in the middle of the ocean with binoculars and telescopes to keep track of the participants and all the trail markers.

And then a giant shark attacks the swimmers.

Background: What more do you want? The PCs get to fight a giant shark! Innocent swimmers, PCs on a boat, cue the Jaws music. I bet you could get players that haven't payed in a while back into the game. "Hey Bob, wanna play D&D?" "Nah, I grew out of that years ago." "You get to fight a giant shark." "I think I have my dice around here somewhere."

Giant shark people. Sometimes these things write themselves.

Monster: Giant Shark; AC: 4; HD: 8 (40 hp); Dmg: 2d10 (bite); Save: F6; Morale: 9; Alignment: Neutral; Exp: 800

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  1. Jaws inspires nightmares that never fully fade away...