Monday, March 21, 2011

More paper hats for pewter minatures!

After I cross-posted a link to my last post about my character status "paper hats" on the Kenzer and Company forums, I found that none other than Jolly Blackburn himself is thinking about using them. Personally, I will be play-testing them during my HackMaster Basic game at Gary Con III on Friday. So if you will be there and see a bunch of kobold minis wearing paper hats, you'll know who's responsible.

In the meantime, I have created another sheet of "hats" for people to use. This sheet adds five more hats (labeled K-O) for sleep, stun and death, as well as 10 hats for poisoned status.

Sheet 4

I also thought I should give a run-down of the status effects and what they could be used for. Some of these are obvious, but others may be specific to particular game systems. I tried to keep these as system neutral as possible overall.

  • Sleep- either under the effects of a spell, KOed, or just dozing off.
  • Stun- variety of effects that isn't quite knocked out, but not able to do much while awake.
  • Blind- character can't see.
  • Deaf- character can't hear.
  • Mute- character can't speak/cast spells. May be used to represent characters under the effect of a silence spell.
  • Burn- character is en fuego and at risk of taking continuing fire damage.
  • Para.- paralysis
  • Web- trapped in a web, either from a spell or a big freakin' spider.
  • Engulf- the character is engulfed by something. Could be swallowed whole by a monster, trapped in a water elemental, etc.
  • Petrify- character has been turned to stone.
  • Posion- character is poisoned
  • Dead- 'nuff said.
Sheets 1 through 3 can be found here. As mentioned before, I am open to suggestions. Just leave a comment below.

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