Sunday, March 20, 2011

Paper hats for pewter miniatures.

I was inspired by Jolly Blackburn's Hack Kaddies on the Kenzer & Company Forums to try my hand at my own ideas for some paper cutouts to be used with standard miniatures.

Let's say you have an orc facing off against a spellcaster PC. The caster decides to cast a blindness spell on the orc to gain an advantage. As the GM, you want to make sure you keep that orc's condition in mind while you tend to all the other combatants on the field. What's the solution?

A paper hat!


Basically I created a few sheets of easy-to-build "hats" that list a status condition. If a Pc or NPC is under the effect of the condition in question, you can just place the "hat" over the mini as an easy visual reference.


These "hats" are pyramidal in shape. So, if you have to recycle minis for a combat session, say a group of kobold reinforcements coming to bail out the batch your PCs just cast a sleep spell on, you can use the "hats" as markers for where the old figures stood while you brought in new ones.

I created the "hats" in AutoCAD, and scanned the printouts as Jpegs so anyone can use them. I'm a bit new to Google Docs, so if the links I'm about to provide don't work, please let me know. If anyone has any suggestions for new "hats", leave a comment and I'll try to get them worked out when I can.

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