Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Prepping for Gary Con

And I'm only half-way done packing and prepping for my games.

With Gary Con III just around the corner, I am finally getting around to putting the final touches on the Top Secret/SI game I am running Saturday morning. I have one last pre-gen to finish and then some reviewing of the rules before that game starts.

Friday, I am running a HackMaster Basic demo. This one is also with pre-gens, as I have found trying to teach full character generation rules to newbies can take up as much time as the adventure. As I have only signed up for a four-hour slot for that game, I think I made the right call.

With my experience from last year, I am also bringing my printer along with my laptop. While the hotel does have a small "office suite" with a computer and printer/fax machine, I don't want to have my printing needs subject to whether or not the person with the keys to the cabinet that the ink cartridge is stored came in to work. Hell, last year the ATM ran out of cash by Saturday morning, and didn't get refilled until after the con. I would hope the hotel is more on the ball this year for situations like that.

Overall, it should be a fun time. My brother and I plan to be in Lake Geneva Thursday afternoon and join all the other early arrivals in setting up, getting together and playing some early games. I'm bringing my camcorder with me, so I will try to give some video updates while I am there.

Happy gaming.

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  1. I imagine you're glad you did a trial run of the demo beforehand! Though I personally enjoyed seeing the steps for character creation with that system, I can imagine you'd hear a lot of belly-aching from people who spent two hours or more of their convention time "not playing."
    But I'm one of those people who spends a lot of time on the character customization screen of a video game rpg. (I'm a dooork.)

    I love that HackMaster has a system for rolling character flaws! That table would be handy to use with any system when gaming with folks who are new to role-playing, providing instant, individual guidelines to shaping an entertaining experience.