Friday, February 15, 2013

27 Days Till GaryCon! Memories of GaryCon IV: Day Two

I've decided to use the vlog from last year for Day Two as that is the day that gets covered the most in video.


So things started off pretty well on Friday. My morning game was also my first VIP event. Frank Mentzer was originally going to run an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game. but when we got to the table, he decided to run under Original Dungeons & Dragons rules instead. Not that it really mattered to me, since I most of the pre-3rd edition games are pretty compatible. Two things I found interesting about the game was that a) there was maybe one die roll the entire game and b) Mr. Mentzer didn't turn anyone away despite the game being full. Granted in the case of the latter, the game did get rather crowded. most of the session was Mentzer telling stories of how he got hired at TSR and how he ended up designing games. As for the game itself, we spent the entire time in one 20'x20' room desperately trying not to set off an encounter or trap that we were sure would kill the entire party.

The next game I played was a Marvel Super Heroes game ran by Michael from the Dead Games Society. I wanted to play in this because of my love for the old FASERIP system and that Mike goes the extra mile to dress up for the game. Case in point, our game was GMed by "Tony Stark" complete with tuxedo, breastplate and 'scotch'. Two of the players were the father and daughter that played in my Top Secret game last year. I got to play Captain America and do Cap's shield bounce trick to knock out Doctor Octopus and The Green Goblin in one attack. Very cool game.

Finally, I ran my annual HackMaster game which was fraught with problems from the start. First, my table was double booked, so I had to get moved to a new one. Then half of my players no-showed and the other half decided to play in someone else's game because they knew the GM. Fortunately, I managed to get plenty of walk-ups that refilled my ranks and the game went underway. The party was successful, mostly due to being well-balanced and using their heads. It was also after this game that made the final tweaks to Monsters in the Barn and finally submitted it to HackJournal for publication.

Unfortunately, the game I would run the next day wouldn't be as eventful.

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