Saturday, January 26, 2013

47 Days Till GaryCon! Closing the Con.

One of my goals for this year is to "close" GaryCon (i.e. stay until it officially ends). I regret not doing so last year since I ended up having way too much down time between the time I got to my brother's apartment and my flight the next day. I'm not planning on staying at the hotel Sunday night, so I'll need to check out before my (hopeful) game at 10am. If the game ends at 2pm like it's supposed to, that still leaves four hours before things end at 6pm. Assuming I spend 30-60 minutes getting something to eat, that leaves me with three hours needing something to do until GaryCon V closes.

Part of me says to wander around and see if anything opens. Another part says to grab my books and see if anyone is interested in a pickup game. I know my brother will try to bring one of his board games to GaryCon V, so that's an option. And I already mentioned bringing Give Me The Brain to play the night before the convention. Would anyone be interested in a round or two Sunday afternoon? Who else is planning on "closing the con?"

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