Friday, January 25, 2013

48 Days Till GaryCon! GaryCon III: The Conclusion

Sunday morning Michael and I got up with no plans for the day. Remembering the awesome breakfast buffet we had the year before, we were very disappointed that the new management wasn't offering it this time around. With no events signed up for, we went downstairs to see what was going on and maybe drop in on whatever was being held at the time.

We wandered the downstairs area for a bit. Said hello to +Jolly Blackburn at the Kenzer table. And before long we were bored and ready to leave. We had already checked out of our room and were no longer obligated to stick around longer than need be. But being in the vicinity of old school games got us talking about a few of the ones we grew up on, particularly Marvel Super Heroes. This got the attention of Chad from the Dead Games Society who joined in on our conversation, along with a few others whose names I'm afraid I did not get.. The topic quickly spread from the nuances of the Marvel game to Marvel and DC Comics in general, particularly the big events that occurred at the time. The conversation went for about an hour, and it's rather amazing to see my normally introverted brother involved in spirited conversation with someone who up until a few moments ago was a complete stranger. But eventually we knew we had to get back to my mother's house as she was planning on taking me out to dinner for a belated birthday celebration.

The ride back was uneventful. We talked, as the Lawson brothers do on car trips. Realizing that we had skipped breakfast and were soon to be missing lunch, we stopped by T.G.I.Fridays for a round of appetizers and bad service. When we got back to my mother's house, we hung out a bit and did laundry for a few hours before going out for sushi for dinner.

Since I was now unemployed, I decided not to head back home right away. I spent a few extra days with my mother and stepfather while resuming my search for new employment. That would have to wait another three months though. But I was fortunate to have been able to enjoy myself despite my predicament. In July, I drove out to upstate New York and began a new chapter of my life. It was a shame to leave the Midwest behind, but real life sometimes countermands what you want. What I did know what that I wasn't about to let distance get in the way of GaryCon IV. I just needed to make new arrangements on how to get there.

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