Wednesday, December 12, 2012

92 Days to GaryCon! Other Stuff

While this series is about me counting down the days until GaryCon, it doesn't mean that everything has to be GaryCon related. At least, not directly that is. I do have a play-by-post game that I have been running for close to eight months now. And I am now playing in another play-by-post game.

The archipelago campaign has started up again with the party being charged to find fresh water on the island after the discovery of orcs being present. The party has managed to get themselves a packbearer in the form of a laborer named Jefel. They also had their first encounter with the human natives of the island, though the unintentionally scared them off. So now they are on their way through a path they have discovered in hopes of finding the native's village and hopefully water and allies as well.

The game is started playing in uses the Marvel Super Heroes (FASERIP) system and is set in the "Nightmares of Futures Past" setting from the X-Men comics. My character, Inferno, is a mutant with the ability to control and transform into fire. We only just got started, so nothing has happened yet to really write about. But it will be nice to be a player again since I'm usually on GM duty.

In a way this is related to GaryCon since the entire reason I am going is because I'm a gamer. And since I don't have a group of my own at the moment, it's nice to have something available until March.

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