Thursday, December 13, 2012

91 Days to GaryCon! Am I Running Out Of Ideas Already?

One of the problems I have had since I decided to do this challenge is the fact that I don't know if I can blog about a different subject every day for 100 days straight, let alone topics related to GaryCon. The main reason for this is that the idea was a rather spur of the moment one, and as a result I didn't plan out what I would do ahead of time. Even a simple checklist would have been enough to keep me focused on the task at hand. It's probably why I have never completed an April A-Z and stressed myself silly during last year's September of Short Adventures. I can seem to plan ahead for everything except blogging. Ironically, I am blogging to help me plan for GaryCon. So in effect, I am failing to plan for planning.

Ah the irony. It's like goldy or bronzy, but made out of iron. (I'll +1 the first person to get that reference.)

So the result of my under-planning my over-thinking of this undertaking is that I am at risk of not having enough GaryCon related stuff to talk about for the next thirteen weeks. So like it or not, I need to get things planned out or I'm going to burn out.

But enough of the pity party. Here are a few topics I plan on covering between now and GaryCon:
  • What to Bring- I've already talked about books and pillows. But there are a few other things people need to bring with them to the convention. I'll try to get them all covered.
  • Games I Want to Play- You go to GaryCon to play games. That's obvious. But what games? I'm going to talk about what games I want to get in one, whether I have played them before or not. This could become a nice weekly series if done right.
  • People to See- The other reason to go to a convention is to meet up with friends and make new ones. I've made quite a few at the last four conventions. I'd like to tell you who they are.
  • Preparation- Three months to prepare for my duties as a GM. I'll go over what steps I take to get ready.
  • GaryCon Memories- I've been to four GaryCons before this coming one. I'll relate stories of those past cons and how they really got me back into gaming. This one I'll start tomorrow.

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