Tuesday, December 11, 2012

93 Days to GaryCon!

I've decided to add a third game to my GM duties after all. Granted none of the games I have submitted have been approved yet. But just in case you were wondering what I was running and when, here's the list.

8:00AM- Monsters in the Barn (HackMaster)
My introductory adventure, complete with tutorial on character creation. I'll probably retire this adventure after GaryCon 2013 since it's already been published in HackJournal #39. So this will be your last chance to play the adventure with the creator as the GM.

6:00PM- Steaks (D&D)
A short adventure for characters level 5-7. Not a lot of 'action' in this adventure, but it is made up for with the mystery hook and a lot of potential for role-playing. This adventure appeared in I13- Adventure Pack I, which I have literally owned for decades yet have never run until now.

10:00AM- Last Varmint Standing (Aces & Eights)
A big free-for-all shootout for new players and seasoned veterans alike. While there is a sign-up list for this game, it's really intended to be open to anyone that wants to drop in and play. Ideally people can rotate in and out as they cycle through characters. But if last year was any indication, there will likely be a nice core group of players to play with.

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