Saturday, September 10, 2011

[September of Short Adventures] Day 9: The Seige

The Seige

Synopsis: The PCs are in town resupplying for their next adventure when word arrives that a band of orcs is heading their way. The PCs are recruited by the local militia to help in the defense of the city.

The city will go into full defense mode. Stores will be closed, homes will be fortified, and every able bodied person will be at the borders of town ready to defend it. Depending on the PCs level, they may be given troops of 0-1st level men to command during the siege. The town's officials will likely want to split the group up to place people where they'll be most effective, especially spellcasters. The orcs will be coming from only one direction, so the group need not be spread out too far. Though some of the monsters may try to find another way in if the direct approach isn't working.

The GM should try to keep everyone active regardless of how the party is arranged in town. Use whatever system you prefer to adjudicate mass combat when dealing with other parts of the battle.

Monsters: Orcs per whatever system you wish to use.

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