Thursday, September 8, 2011

[September of Short Adventures] Day 7: Agent Provocatuer

System: Engines & Empires (a gaslight fantasy supplement to Labyrinth Lord) more information can be found on the game at Ludandi Gratia.

Synopsis: Two rival technology schools (physics and biology) are engaged in a battle in the Avalonian city of Glew-ym-Gogledd. Both schools claim that the other precipitated the war with an unprovoked attack on their campus. Unfortunately, what started as a simple prank war has escalated to more dangerous sabotage and has expanded from the two school campuses into the city itself. Lord Reginald Hornsby is demanding that the war come to an end, but neither school will until they find the person or persons responsible for starting the mess. Of course, each side denies that one of their students started things.

Background: Long ago, an aspiring technologist was blinded in an accident while experimenting outside of the classroom and was expelled. No other schools would take him due to his disability. In turn, he became bitter and self taught himself in the field of biology. When he reached 5th level, he made a startling discovery. When using his Cellular Transparency ability, the scars on his corneas also disappeared and he could see again, but only when invisible. With his blindness as the "perfect alibi", he started the war between the physics and chemistry schools with the hopes of getting both driven out of West Gogledd. He plans on then setting up shop as the only technologist in town, maybe even an adviser to Lord Reginald himself.

If a tech or gnome PC examines the parts left over at some of the attacks, they mat notice a set of raised pips on some of the pieces. This is the Gaian equivalent of braille that the tech uses to identify parts when not in his invisible state.

Villain: Mr. Falston; Level 6 Tech; AC: 6; HP: 15; Dmg: 1d6 (hammer) or 1d8 (revolver); Degrees: Biology (6th), Chemistry (3rd), Physics (2nd), Alignment: Chaotic; Treasure; 25 sp, 8 cp; leather armor +1 (tech based), hammer, revolver with 12 rounds; portable lab; potion of gaseous form

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