Wednesday, September 7, 2011

[September of Short Adventures] Day 6: A River Runs Under It.

Synopsis: Farmer Joe used to have one of the finest plots of land in the countryside. No matter how bad the weather was, his fields would always be plentiful come harvest time. But this year, things have changed. Now, Farmer Bob's fields are in full growth while Joe's is suffering from the effects of a mild drought. Joe is convinced that Bob is using witchcraft to 'steal' the vitality of his lands. Bob is, of course, denying this.

Background: Bob is telling the truth. For decades, Joe's lands have been irrigated by an underground river. However, recently a band of goblins have moved into a series of caverns nearby and have taken to redirecting the river to help them expand their territory. The goblins are preparing for a larger group to show up so they can begin an invasion of the countryside. The party needs to find the real cause of Joe's problems, deal with the goblins, and come up with a solution that will help Joe and Bob.

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