Tuesday, September 6, 2011

[September of Short Adventures] Day "5": Scared by the Bell

Looks like Mondays will be my "day off" from this challenge. Today's adventure plays homage to the origins of an old cliche.

Synopsis: Late at night, in the middle of a graveyard, sits a gravedigger by a freshly dug grave. From beneath the dirt, a string comes up to a small bell. If the players ask the gravedigger (who is wearing a scarf over his face to keep out the smell), he will tell them that sometimes "people get buried that ain't quite dead yet." The string is there for the dearly not-so-departed to pull to let the gravedigger know he's alive.

And then the bell rings.

Background: The body is not the only one that is "not quite dead". The gravedigger and the "deceased" are both ghouls pulling an ambush. When the bell rings, the gravedigger-ghoul will ask the PCs for help to "save" his partner in crime. Once the other ghoul is revealed it will attack while the gravedigger goes after the party from the rear, targeting the party's cleric or paladin if there is any. The surprise factor along with the paralysis effect should put the party on their toes. The ghouls have a rope of climbing that they will use if they need to escape.

Monster(s): Ghouls (2)- AC: 6; HD: 2* (14 hp, 16 hp); Dmg: 1d3/1d3/1d3 (claw/claw/bit) + paralysis; Save: F2; Morale: 9; Alignment: C; Exp: 25; Treasure: 1 carbuncle (1000 gp), rope of climbing.

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