Sunday, September 4, 2011

[September of Short Adventures] Day 4: The Wand of Kallakma

The Wand of Kallakma

System: Labyrinth Lord

Synopsis: Lord Havish is a wealthy collector of artifacts. His most prized possession is a magic item called "The Wand of Kallakma". The wand is kept in it's own room atop a four-foot tall table. Lord Havish likes to take guests to this room to show off his "prized possession"

Background: There is an actual Wand of Kallakma, and Lord Havish does own it. But the wand that he has on display is not it. Kallakma was a powerful wizard, but he was also a 25-foot tall giant. The wand on display is simply a wand of secret door detection with 2 charges left in it. The real Wand of Kallakma is in the room, but is disguised as one of the legs of the table that the fake wand rests on. The powers of the Wand of Kallakma are up to the GM.

Whether the PCs are charges with stealing or protecting the wand, they should be unaware of the truth unless they decide to do some research into Kallakma, particularly his race.


  1. Aw... I've been beaten to the punch! :-) One of my final September adventures will have a prized artifact "hidden in plain sight" sort of like this.

    You've posted some cool ideas so far!

  2. Thanks. I always wanted to do an adventure where something wasn't what it seemed. This was one of those ideas.