Thursday, September 29, 2011

[September of Short Adventures] Day 24: The Old Fort

The Old Fort

Synopsis: The party arrives at an old abandoned fort. According to the people in the nearby town, the fort was the setting of an epic battle between the allied elf/human forces and an oncoming horde of orcs. By the time reinforcements arrived, the battle was over, but neither side survived. Legend has it that once a month, the ghosts of those involved rise from the dead to continue the battle until one side decisively wins.

Background: While the story of the final battle of the fort is true, the legend is not. Though that hasn't stopped a group of bandits from exploiting the legend for their own benefit. Once a month, they dress up in costumes and make enough of a racket to keep people from coming to the fort. In reality, they use the fort as their staging ground for raids and store the majority of their stolen loot there. They even have a few low-level spellcasters to through a few illusions to complete the charade.

The bandit horde is an eclectic , but balanced, group (one of each character class, including a dwarf, elf and halfling). If the PCs investigate, the bandits will attempt to trick them into thinking they are powerful undead. If that doesn't work, they will use their knowledge of the old fort to divide the party and kill them off one by one.

Monsters: A band of seven 1st level NPCs, four humans, one dwarf, one elf and one halfling. The magic-user and elf tend to use spells like darkness, floating disc, hold portal, light, and ventriloquism when attempting to scare off nosy people. Between the two of them, the also know charm person and magic missile (divide spells evenly between the two). Their treasure horde contains 4000 cp, 3000 sp, 5000 gp, assorted jewelry worth 2400 gp. The fighter carries a long sword +1. The cleric has a scroll with cure light wounds. The halfling wields a club +1.

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