Friday, September 2, 2011

[September of Short Adventures] Day 2: People in Need

People in Need

Game System: Any fantasy RPG

Adventure Hook: In the middle of the marketplace is a forlorn man wearing fine, yet ill-maintained clothing. The man is screaming at the various people that walk by him in a language that no one can understand.

Background: The man is not a foreigner, but a merchant from a nearby city that is under a curse. A few days earlier, he was approached by a man with a distinctive ring who wanted to sell him some pieces of artwork. The merchant refused to buy as he had neither the funds to match the man's price, nor anyone to turn around and sell the artwork to. Angry, the man then pointed at the merchant (with the hand that wore the ring) and cursed him to never make a living in his chosen profession again. The merchant was instantly rendered unable to speak in any known language, thus unable to make any sales. Translation spells and items will allow the party to communicate with the merchant for a short time, but cannot reverse his condition.

The mysterious man is a painter who is desperately looking for someone to recognize his work. He was hoping that if he could get some of his work out on the market, someone might see it and become his patron. He was already on his last nerve when the merchant refused to buy his work and responded by using his ring of curses on the hapless fellow. The ring acts similar to a ring of wishes, except that it can only bestow curses on others which cannot be broken unless the one who bestowed the curse recants or dies. The ring only has 1 charge left in it before it is rendered a simple jeweled ring with 25 gp.

Meanwhile, the local thieves guild has been taking advantage of the merchant and his inability to communicate with others by robbing him in broad daylight while telling everyone that understand him and that his protests are just aspects of "his culture" They have robbed him of 200 gp worth of goods and money in the past day and have left him at wits end.

Thieves (12)- Level 2; AC: 7 (leather + Dex bonus); HD: 2 (8hp each); Dmg; 1d4 (dagger); Save: T2; Morale: 6; Alignment: Chaotic (Neutral); Exp: 50; Treasure: leather armor, dagger, 5gp, 3 sp, 9 cp, one of them has a ring of protection +1 for an AC of 6.


  1. Ooo, nice. A ring of curses! I like that, instead of a cursed ring. What if there is one more curse, that affects the owner when they cast the last curse? Sort of a bite-you-in-the-ass type of magic item!

  2. That is a good idea. The severity of the last curse can be based on whether or not the wearer used the ring's powers for good reasons or selfish ones.