Saturday, September 24, 2011

[September of Short Adventures] Day 19: The Wand of Anything

The Wand of Anything

Synopsis: There are rumors amongst the arcane circles that the wizard Akelos has a wand of unusual power. Unlike most magic wands that hold a single spell and are rendered useless once they run out of power, Akelos' wand supposedly can be charged with any spell imaginable, and can be recharged as often as Akelos wishes. The PCs are hired by one of the city's mages to retrieve the wand for them.

Background: Akelos found what he calls the "Wand of Anything" on one of his adventures long ago. It at first appeared to be a low-powered wand of magic missiles until he discovered that it also has a hold person spell inside it. Doing some research, he discovered the wand's true abilities. Akelos usually uses the wand as a repository of spells that he might need in an emergency on adventures, but normally keeps it hidden in a special safe in his tower in town.

Akelos: Level 9 Magic-User; AC: 5; 19 hp; Dmg:1d6+1 (quarterstaff +2); Save: M9; Morale: 8 (10 in his tower); AL: L; Treasure: 100 gp, bracers of AC 5, quarterstaff +2, potion of flight, ring of fire resistance, wand of anything

1st Level: charm person, magic missile, protection from evil
2nd Level: entangle, invisibility, wizard lock
3rd Level: dispel magic, fireball, protection from normal missiles
4th Level: ice storm, polymorph self
5th Level: hold monster

Wand of Anything
The wand of anything is a 12 inch long mahogany rod about the thickness of a pencil. The wand's main ability is to store arcane spells to be used later similar to a ring of spell storing. By casting a spell into the wand, the magic-user may store that spell in the wand until he or she wishes to cast it. Up to twenty levels of spells can be stored in the wand at any time. The wizard can cast the spell from the wand at any time, which opens up the spell slots for another spell to be stored.

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