Friday, September 23, 2011

[September of Short Adventures] Day 18: Raldor's Folly

Raldor's Folly

Synopsis: The party comes upon a man from a nearby kingdom desperate to purchase goods. Unfortunately, all he has are paper notes issued by his liege King Raldor. Within Raldor's kingdom, the papers are the equivalent of currency, but not other kingdom will guarantee their value. According to the man, Raldor has outlawed the use of precious metals as coinage, except for coppers, and in turn has "purchased" all the coins in the kingdom with the notes. No one knows why Raldor has done this, but it began shortly after losing some land to Horace, a nearby Prince.

Background: Raldor and Horace have had a rivalry over a long stretch of land between their two kingdoms. In recent years, Horace has been gaining the advantage due to making new alliances and just plain better planning. Raldor was at wits end until his vizier introduced him to a sage that suggested striking at Horace at a distance with a "death ray". The ray is a gigantic parabolic mirror that focuses sunlight into a beam of burning energy. Buying into this idea, Raldor has been seizing all the silver, gold, electrum and platinum to plate this giant mirror. The "death ray" won't work for a variety of reasons, but Raldor is to blinded by hatred for Horace to care. As a result, the economy of Raldor's kingdom has been suffering as his paper currency has no value outside the kingdom. The PCs mission will be to discover and expose Raldor's folly to the rest of the kingdoms.

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