Thursday, September 22, 2011

[September of Short Adventures] Day 17: The Cobbler's Competition

The Cobbler's Competition

Synopsis: Daral, the town's cobbler has some new competition on his hands. A man named Farag has started his own leatherworks business and has been doing incredible business. Despite working alone, Farag has been able to do twice the volume of shoes and leather goods as Daral and his two sons. Daral suspects that Farag is up to no good, and has hired the players to investigate the competition.

Background: Before he was a cobbler, Farag was a magic-user of small import. However, he did have the wherewithal one day to capture a faerie creature that he exploits for his personal gain. Day and night, the faerie works without rest on all the goods that Farag sells and repairs. Farag uses what few spells he has to keep the faerie in line. Farag is naturally, very secretive about his slave. The PCs will have to be clever to discover the clues to the faerie's existence.

Monsters/NPCs: Farag- Level 4 Magic-user, AC: 8; 12 hp; Dmg; 1d4 (dagger); Save: M4; Morale: 7; Alignment: Chaotic; Exp: 200; Spells: charm person, sleep, detect invisible, wizard lock; Items: dagger, spellbook, 250 gp, potion of healing, ring of protection +1

Azala the Faerie- AC: 5; HD: 1+1 (6 hp); Dmg: 1d2 (fist); Save: E1; Morale: 9; Alignment: Lawful; Exp: 19

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