Wednesday, September 21, 2011

[September of Short Adventures] Day 16: Across the Ice

Across the Ice

Synopsis: During the winter, the PCs are hired to escort a caravan across a frozen lake to deliver supplies to a remote fort.

Background: Fort Hagar was built long ago on the other side of a valley to protect against invaders from the north. Since it was built, a natural levee broke away and caused the ravine to flood. When the waters subsided, the ravine became a lake that exists to this day. The lake makes it difficult, but not impossible to get supplies to the fort. From spring to autumn, boats are used. But during the winter, the lake freezes deep enough to allow a caravan to drive across. These winter trips are dangerous, as some parts of the lake have not frozen deep enough. In addition, the wintry weather brings foes from the north that normally are not seen in the lands.

A small band of frost giants and their polar bear pets have decided to ambush the caravan. It is up to the party to protect the caravan while braving the dangerous ice road. The combined weight of 3 frost giants plus a party of armored adventurers and a caravan laden with goods is stressing the ice to beyond its capacity. Every combat round, there is a cumulative 1% chance that something will break through the ice and fall into the icy waters to a frigid, watery grave. A check should be made for each active combatant as well as the caravan carts.

Monster: Frost Giants (3)- AC: 4; HD: 10+1 (46 hp); Dmg: 4d6 (giant axe); Save: F10; Morale: 9; AL: C; Exp: 1900; Treasure: 5000 gp, Basic Concepts in Mountaineering (270 gp); 2 sticks of incense (32 gp)

Polar bears (2)- AC: 6; HD: 6 (27 hp); Dmg: 1d6/1d6/1d10 (claw/claw/bite); Save: F3; Morale: 8; Al: N; Exp: 275; Treasure: None

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