Monday, September 19, 2011

[September of Short Adventures] Day 13: The Undercity

The Undercity

Synopsis: People have been slowly disappearing from the capitol city. At first, only beggars and the poor went missing. But over time merchants and artisans began disappearing as well. With businesses in the city disappearing, and along with them tax revenue, city officials have posted a reward for anyone that can find out where the missing people have been taken. Meanwhile, rumors of noises from beneath the streets have been popping up.

Background: Long ago, there was a different city where the current one now stands. An earthquake buried the old city, upon which a new one was built above. Over time, memories of the old city became a faint memory. But access to the old city remained in small areas of the city. Originally, the city's homeless population used the old city as shelter against the harsh winters. Over time, a small underground market popped up where the poor and homeless traded goods without the city taking it's cut. Eventually, merchants who grew tired of the oppressive taxes in the city realized that they could  literally go underground and make a living without having to give a copper to the crown. City officials suspect that there is a black market going on and want proof so they can make an example of the people.

Whether the players see themselves on the side of the oppressed merchants or the lawful tax collectors, they will have to deal with the city bureaucracy. Oh and by the way, the reward is considered "taxable income" by the city.

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