Monday, September 19, 2011

[September of Short Adventures] Day 12: Mark of the Wild

Mark of the Wild

Synopsis: Reports of a "demon bear" attacking travelers appear around the same time a woman with a mysterious bear claw-shaped  birthmark on her right wrist.

Background: Once every 100 years, a person is born with the destiny to be a slayer of lycanthropes. They are immune to the disease of lycanthropy and possess special senses and abilities to fight them. This woman, Shalla, is the current "chosen one". She has successfully slain many monsters, and in turn, they have decided that they need to eliminate her immediately. Since her mark is in the form of a bear claw, they decided to send a werebear after her as a form of cruel irony. Some people have mistaken this mark as a sign that she is in league with the "demon bear". Whether or not the PCs make this same mistake remains to be seen.

Monster: Wearbear- AC: 2; HD: 6 (30 hp); Dmg: 2d4/2d4/2d8 (claw/claw/bite); Save: F6; Morale: 10; AL: C; Exp: 500

Shalla- Level 5 Fighter- AC: 4; 28 hp; Dmg: 1d8+2 (silver longsword +2); Fave; F5; Morale: 10; AL: L; Special abilities: Immune to lycanthropy, true sight vs lycanthropes only; May raise Strength, Constitution or Dexterity to 18 for one turn once a day; Gear: chainmail +1; sliver longsword +2; wolfsbane, potion of healing; 200 gp

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