Friday, March 1, 2013

13 Days Till GaryCon! Memories of GaryCon IV: The Conclusion

Sunday was kind of a non-starter for me. Despite my intention to close GaryCon IV, I had the urge to get going early in the morning. So around 10am, Michael and I checked out and made the ride back to Chicago. Once we got there we kind of realized that my flight back to Elmira wasn't going to be for another 24 hours, so we had to find something to do.

We could have been gaming until 6pm. But you just had to get antsy, didn't you?
To be honest, there isn't much left to talk about after heading out. I hung out at my brother's apartment the rest of the day, and then headed back to O'Hare the next morning. I did realize that getting a rental car was a nice perk for the weekend, but the cost outweighed the benefits since it was parked in the hotel lot for four of the five days I had it. I also realized my need to pace myself in the future so I wasn't hitting the pillow before midnight. In all, GaryCon IV was the con where a lot of stuff should have happened, but didn't. And that's all on me. Hopefully, things will work out better at GaryCon V.

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