Monday, February 11, 2013

31 Days Till GaryCon! Why This Kenzer Fanboy is Running a D&D Game.

I'm a big fan of HackMaster nowadays, but my roots are in D&D. Growing up I used to pick up a lot of the rulebooks and splatbooks, but not a lot of the modules. Part of it may have come from my wanting to create my own world, which is a lot easier said than done. So when I did get my hands on a module, I usually just read it for ideas rather than do the smart thing and plug it into my campaign where it would fit.

As time went on, I heard stories from people about how they ran one adventure or beat another. And I started to see the pre-written modules as a more integral to the game than I had originally thought. So I decided that if I do get an opportunity to run a game of D&D for anyone, I would break out one of the modules I still owned and run that.

Since GaryCon is geared mostly towards the old-school of role-playing, that opportunity has presented itself. It shouldn't be a surprise that it was the only of my three games to fill up almost immediately once registration began. So it's time for me to put my DM hat back on and break out Adventure Pack I. Just so I can safely say that I ran an old D&D adventure right from the book.

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