Monday, January 14, 2013

59 Days Till GaryCon! Two Months to Go!

Time flies, doesn't it. we are now two months away from GaryCon. It was only three months ago that I made my reservations at The Lodge and submitted my games. It seemed like I had plenty of time to get things together before the convention started.

I still have a plane ticket to purchase and to request time off. And with things the way they are that will come a lot sooner than I would expect. I'm also dealing with a lot of paperwork from my accident two weeks ago which will slow things up a bit. On the bright side, I should be getting a tax refund which will cover my expenses.

I still have more prep work to do. Finalizing things for my D&D game and getting stuff setup for the Aces & Eights shootout. If I have time I may do something special for my Learn to Hack. I also need to make sure I have all the other necessities ready for my trip.

I hope everyone else is having things going smoothly. Tomorrow, I will finally get around to the post about swag.


  1. Where is GaryCon? Sorry, my friend, but I have never heard of it. Sounds like a bunch of cool, though.

    1. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. March 14-17 at the Geneva Ridge Resort (formerly The Lodge).