Tuesday, January 15, 2013

58 Days Till GaryCon! Swag of Conventions Past

This one is going to be a short photoblog. Here in a nutshell is all the free stuff, or swag, that I have picked up from GaryCons II-IV.

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Front and center is a Hyperborea lithograph by Ian Baggley from GaryCon II. Going back and to the left (no JFK jokes please) are the other GaryCon II items: two issues of Knights of the Dinner Table that I already had and the Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Setting and Atlas for D&D 3.5. The Campaign Setting is actually maybe 5%-10% rule specific, the rest if mostly descriptive text with plenty of adventure hooks for the clever GM.

GaryCon III swag includes The Random Exotic Creature Generator by James Raggi IV, and The Cabal King by Jason M Cook and Jon Johnson; a tournament module that was supposed to be run at GaryCon II, but events conspired to keep it from being run.

For GaryCon IV, I have the commemorative GaryCon d4 (on the copy of The Cabal King) and the Castles and Crusades module Dwarven Glory by Stephen Chenault. Having never played C&C, it was an interesting read and has piqued my interest in the system.

While the main purpose if GaryCon is to play games and make friends, getting free stuff doesn't hurt either.

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