Saturday, January 19, 2013

54 Days Till GaryCon! I Wanna Play... Give Me A Moment Will You?

Okay, so now that my games have been accepted and the event catalog is now up, I need to figure out just what I am going to play at GaryCon. I had decided to take it slower this year since I got burned out last year with all I was trying to do. One thing I did was front load all my events, two on Thursday and one of Friday morning. This would give me Friday afternoon/evening and all day Saturday and Sunday to do whatever. Sunday is a big deal for me as I actually want to play in a Sunday event and close the con.

I am also looking forward to playing some 'new' games as it were. Ones that have either heard of but never played in my youth, or ones that I never heard of until recently. For example, I am definitely jumping on Tim Snider's Thundarr the Barbarian themed Mutant Future game on Saturday. That just sounds way too cool to pass up. I also want to get in on some board game events like my brother did last year. It's a lot easier to break out of your shell sometimes when you're in a more competitive than collaborative environment.

The main thing is I want to have enough game time to have fun and enough down time to relax and truly take it all in. This is basically going to be my vacation for the year. And if it's going to be that, it needs to be filled with friends, food, drink and gaming in the proper amounts. I'm getting to old to be full bore on one thing.

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