Sunday, January 20, 2013

53 Days Till GaryCon! Priorities.

This was from a Skype conversation with my brother this afternoon.

[12:12:17 PM] Michael Lawson: Remind me, if Monsters doesn't get many signups for it, I'm gonna sign in. I know the thing yes but at least it helps to have someone more there jic.
[12:17:00 PM] Michael Lawson: but, and this is terrible, I hope I don't have to because the Dead Game society is running a DC universe game in that morning. xO
[12:18:00 PM] David Lawson: Play your game. My game is the first RPG of the entire con. At the very worst I might need a co-GM for chargen. Just show up for Last Varmint Standing.
[12:18:18 PM] Michael Lawson: kk. And... ****. Can't sign in till the 27th anyway.
[12:18:21 PM] Michael Lawson: XO
[12:18:26 PM] Michael Lawson: I wanna buy seats now!
[12:18:47 PM] David Lawson: Me too. I'm playing Thundarr on Saturday.
[12:19:04 PM] Michael Lawson: I'm going to the noon seminar on Gary Gygax and TSR.
[12:19:11 PM] Michael Lawson: Because DAMN that's something I wanna hear.
[12:19:21 PM] Michael Lawson: I'm a huge nerd.
Heh. We all are Michael, we all are.
[12:47:38 PM] Michael Lawson: Blaaaah. That first day has too many good events.

[12:47:41 PM] Michael Lawson: I must look away.
Have strength baby bro.

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