Monday, January 28, 2013

45 Days Till GaryCon! Technical Question.

As you know by now, I will be running a big shootout for Aces & Eights on Friday during GaryCon V. Once again I will be using the Whitewash City models by Eric Hotz as the basis for the town. But I have a slight problem that needs addressing and I hope someone out there has a solution for me.

This is the saloon model I built last year for practice.
Ideally, the models should be printed on cardstock and then cut out and glued together. Unfortunately, my inkjet printer won't take any of the cardstock I own. Which is weird since it will take the slightly thicker postcard stock I used for my D&D pregens. Last year I printed everything out on paper and cut out and taped it all together at the convention. The result was usable, but very sloppy and rickety. I would prefer to have a sturdier set of models to use this year. So I need a means of getting the models printed on cardstock without spending a lot of money. Does anyone know of any means I can use without breaking the bank? And at the same time not come off looking cheap?

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