Tuesday, January 29, 2013

44 Days Till GaryCon! More Model Madness.

So yesterday's post was about my having problems getting cardstock to work with my plotter. In addition to my daily posts here, I also have a link to my Google+ page. So far, I received no solutions, but both that post and the Google+ got +1ed. It's like the response to my post was, "You're having technical difficulties! Awesome!"

By the way, I found a solution. It's called, "plot one sheet at a time and apply gentle pressure to the cardstock to get it to feed." An annoying strategy, but effective. When it works.

In other GaryCon news, I am attempting to get my six hour HackMaster event shortened to a four hour event if possible. In the past I may have needed more time to go through chargen and the game, but I think I got the hand of it now. Plus I believe people are more likely to sign up for a four hour event than a six hour one.

Other than that, everything seems to be going smoothly. Just have a bunch of models to slowly print out. Assembly will have to wait until the day before the shootout, since assembled models will get crushed. I'll probably cut things out at home and have a model-gluing party Thursday night in my hotel room. Woohoo!

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