Saturday, April 14, 2012

K is for KickStarter

According to Blogger, this is my 100th post. I was going to have this post be about the campaign world the archipelago is set in, but instead I am going to hold that off until S (for Setting) and focus on something different.

A lot of would-be game designers have been using Kickstarter as a means to raise funds for their pet projects. I usually pass on a lot of them. There's a joke that goes, "How do you make one million in the gaming industry? Start with two million." So it never seemed like a good investment. But I am making an exception far a gaming product that I do think deserves backing.

Douglas Gray has created a KickStarter for PopAble Polyhedrons, a product that puts the unusual dice we gamers love into Pop-A-Matic bubbles like you see in the board game Trouble. Originally, Douglas made them as a neat little variant die-roller, and gave one to Jolly Blackburn, creator of Knights of the Dinner Table. as may you remember, Jolly and his wife Barb lost their daughter Amber last year. Amber spent her entire life in a wheelchair with limited mobility. As a result, the Blackburns have had a keen eye for devices that would help the disabled, especially when it came to gaming. Needless to say, for people with limited motor control function in their hands, picking up and rolling dice can be a problem. So a Pop-A-Matic die roller can be of great use to them. That inspired Mr. Gray to start his Kickstarter project to make PopAble Polyhedrons a reality.

Douglas' goal is to raise $2,800 (US) by May 2, 2012 to get things going. Pledges of $10 or more qualify you for something special. Like all Kickstarter projects, if the project does not meet it's pledge goal, your account will not be charged. Hopefully, we can help Doug make his goal and start opening up new opportunities for all gamers.

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