Sunday, November 13, 2011

Idea for GaryCon IV

I'm considering running a "shootout" at GaryCon IV. Basically it involves using the Basic Rules from the Aces & Eights Rulebook and having the players just shoot it out between themselves. However, if I am going to do this I will need a town for the players to be in. Fortunately, I found Whitewash City by Eric Hotz, a set of paper building models of an old western town. I downloaded the free saloon pdf and constructed the color version of it tonight.

Not bad for a guy that hasn't built a model in years. This was done on inkjet paper, though I have some card stock I can use for GaryCon. Building run from $3 a piece to $16 for a building "set" to $75 for the whole town. If I can just get some quick paper minis of gunslingers and other ne'er-do-wells, I'll be in business.

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