Tuesday, September 27, 2011

[September of Short Adventures] Day 22: Support Your Local Werewolf

Game System: This adventure is intended for the Engines & Empires supplement for Labyrinth Lord. Unfortunately, it appears that John Higgins has deleted his blog. But you can still get a copy of E&E or his other game Retro Phaze at his lulu.com site.

Synopsis: It's Election Season in the coal mining town of Orc's Gulch in the Lemurian Frontier. As more people come into the town looking for work, there are also a growing need for a sheriff to keep the town safe from ruffians and bandits. The two main candidates are Artemis Chemung, a former soldier turned notary who keeps to himself when he's not working, and Mortimer O'Doul, a rough rancher who many claim has ties to the local bandits. While Chemung is promising to keep the town safe and to keep the travel routes safe for business, O'Doul is promising to rid the town of a monster that has been attacking cattle once a month. Things are starting to get heated as there are reports that some of O'Doul's men are starting to extort votes for their boss and spreading rumors about Chemung. Chemung has been sighted around some of the mines at night, but no one knows why.

Background: O'Doul is a thief and a ruffian, no doubt about it. His men are responsible for ambushing trade wagons and causing trouble for other ranchers. The only things that are keeping him in check are his political opponent and a creature that attacks cattle at night. What he doesn't know is that they are one and the same.

Artemis Chemung is a werewolf, cursed to take lupine form under a full moon and ravage the cattle ranches of his neighbors. As the town's notary, he has learned that there may be a vein of silver within the coal mines, and is concerned for his well being. He opposes O'Doul because he believes that as sheriff, he would be in better control of any silver that comes out of the mine, and as far away from Orc's Golch as possible. Also, while Chemung is a monster once every full moon, he sees O'Doul as a monster all of the time.

Mortimer O'Doul- Level 4 Expert, AC 8; 16 hp; FA: 2; Dmg: 1d8 (revolver); Save: 7; Alignment; C; Skills: Civics 3, Outdoors: 3, Perception: 3, Stealth: 3; Special: Critical hit on 19-20 for 3x damage; Gear: revolver w/ 12 rounds, knife, 40 sp and 5 gp

Artemis Chemung (human)- Level 4 Fighter; AC: 9; 21 hp; FA: 4; Dmg: 1d8 (revolver); Save: 8; Alignment: L;  Skills: Civics: 2, Diplomacy: 2; Knowledge: 3; Special: Focused Strike 1/battle, Whirlwind Attack 1/battle; Gear: revolver w/ 6 rounds, sabre, chainmail +1 (in storage), 50 sp

Artemis Chemung (Werewolf)- AC: 5; FA: 4; Dmg: 2d4 (bite); Save: 8; Alignment: C; Special: only harmed by silver or magic, summon 1d2 wolves in 1d4 rounds, transmit lycanthropy through bite.

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  1. John's still around, he's just changed his blog a bit.

    I'll pull the reason for the change directly from one of his posts:

    "Ludandi Gratia no more, for a couple of reasons. For one, the Latin blog name just isn't memorable. For another, the meaning of the phrase ("for the sake of gaming") is no longer really applicable. I don't want to blog about just gaming here. I've got other topics to rave about. Everything from fantasy and sci-fi to rationalism and real science, alongside my continuing love of linguistics and philology and early English literature."