Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hitting the Bottle Week Continues: Urn of Phantom Trapping

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Urn of Phantom Trapping
The urn of phantom trapping appears as an ornately decorated earthenware vessel. In the hands of a cleric, it has the ability to draw in and capture non-corporeal undead and extraplanar creatures. Anything from ghosts to air elementals to demons without physical form can be captured by the urn of phantom trapping. To activate the urn, the cleric removes the lid and points the mouth of the urn at the creature in question. The cleric then makes a Turn Undead attempt against the creature (if the monster is not a member of the undead, he makes the attempt based on the number of hit dice the creature has), and if successful, draws the being into the urn. The lid must be placed on the urn immediately, or the creature will escape on the next combat round. The lid is usually sealed in order to prevent others from opening the urn and releasing the monster inside.

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