Monday, May 16, 2011

Hitting the Bottle Week Begins!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Hitting the Bottle Week here at Weekend Wizardry. There really aren't a lot of magic bottles in D&D outside of those that hold genies or an endless supply of dihydrogen monoxide. So for the next seven days, I will be deluging the OSR blogosphere with magic bottles, flasks and other things that hold liquids. We begin this week with a bacchanalian inspired item.

The following is designated as Open Game Content per the Open Game License.
Wineskin of Satyr Summoning

This leather wineskin has the ability to hold up to a gallon of any liquid. However, the magic contained within it is only accessible when it is filled with an alcoholic beverage. When the wineskin of satyr summoning is completely full, the owner can use it once per day to summon 2-5 (1d4+1) satyrs to come to his aid. The satyrs appear immediately and will do whatever the holder of the wineskin commands for 7-12 (1d6+6) rounds. At the end of this duration, the satyrs will then drink the contents of the wineskin of satyr summoning until it is empty and then disappear. If the contents of the wineskin of satyr summoning are depleted in any way before the summoning's duration ends, the satyrs will demand that the holder of the wineskin replace the amount with alcohol of equal or greater quality. If the owner cannot or will not replace the contents of the wineskin of satyr summoning, the satyrs will either leave immediately (50% chance) or turn on the wineskin's holder (50%).

The strength of the satyrs depends on the quality of the alcohol in the wineskin of satyr summoning. Alcohol of low quality or water down booze summons satyrs at -1 to hit and damage and -1 hit point per hit die (min. 1 hp/die). Alcohol of high quality will summon satyrs with +1 hit point per hit die that attack with an additional +1 to hit and damage. The summoning will fail if the alcohol that is drugged, poisoned or otherwise contaminated. The owner will have to empty out the wineskin of satyr summoning, replace it's contents with fresh booze and wait 24 hours before trying to summon the satyrs again.

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