Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One more item for Engines and Empires

I've come up with another item for Engines & Empires. In this case it's a gadget, meaning only technologists and gnomes can make use of it.

The following is designated as Open Game Content per the Open Game License.
Electro-Magic Pulse Generator
This device appears on first glance to be a small manual electrical generator powered by gyroscopes and solenoids. It takes 1d4+1 rounds of hand cranking to get it started, but once that happens, it can power small devices for an hour, after which it needs to cool down for 1d6 hours. However, a technologist or gnome is capable of exploiting the generator's full potential. By carefully adjusting the dials and switches on the generator before cranking, the technologist can set up the generator to release a electromagnetic wave that resonates on the Astral and Ethereal planes. This pulse affects everything within a 30' radius as if it had been hit by a dispel magic spell cast by a 12th level caster. This feature permanently burns out the generator.

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