Monday, April 11, 2011

I is for Items

After a week of posts of navel-gazing on gaming topics, I thought I would come up with something useful for my fellow gamers. The items below are intended for use with Engines & Empires, but should be compatible with most OSR games with minimal adjustment.

The following is designated as Open Game Content per the Open Game License.

Dressings of Amplified Curing

These light-green linens have a mentholated scent to them. Though they radiate magic, the power of these dressings in not apparent if they are used to simply bind wounds. Instead, these strips of magical cloth enhance the effects of any curative spell cast on a wound bound by them. If a character or creature has his wounds bound with these dressings, and a Cure spell is cast on the person within 24 hours of the treatment, the spell does an additional 1d4 points of healing. The magic in the dressings is used up once a Cure spell is cast, turning the linens white and removing the menthol scent. It does not enhance the effect of potions, healing skills, a technologist's herbal healing ability or regeneration. The dressings usually come in a bundle of 1d6.

Revolver of Ricocheting

This +1 revolver can be of either technological or magical enhancement. It's main ability is to allow the shooter to target opponents that are not in line of sight, or protected by cover, by performing a trick shot that bounces the bullet off other hard surfaces within range. Shots can be bounced off of stone or metal surfaces, but not wood. Performing this shot incurs a penalty as if the shot was from one range class higher than what a direct shot would be (ex. a target medium range would be treated as if in long range). The target gets no benefit from cover to his Armor Class. The shooter can use this ability to shoot at targets around corners, provided he has visual knowledge of the target's location (by seeing the target run around the corner to escape for example).


  1. Very cool items! I especially like the wound dressings -- what an original idea!

    Ricocheting revolver... I wish I'd included an item like that in our last campaign. It reminds me of a similar item from the "Deadlands" game (which I used to mine quite a bit for ideas in general, and for enchanted items that fit in a steampunk world).

  2. Well, for the dressings I was trying to come up with a healing item that wasn't just a redressed potion of healing. The idea of a disposable cure spell amplifier came to be about an hour before I made the post.

    As for the revolver, I debated the mechanics of the 'trick shot' feature until I remembered that I am making a magic item and the laws of geometry need not apply. The effective range modifier was a good substitution IMHO.

  3. Great blog post about items! I found you through the A to Z challenge. ~Princess Imogen