Thursday, January 2, 2014

[New Magic Item] Bag of Bags

Sorry for the lack of posting. I'm not going to bore everyone with personal junk. Instead I will just dive into blogging again and hope for the best.

Over Christmas vacation last week, I got inspired for this new magic item. And given that it's a container, that means it belongs in the hallowed halls of...

Bag of Bags

This canvas satchel measures 12" long by 2" wide by 12" deep with a shoulder strap for easy carrying. Opening the bag reveals that it is filled to the completely with neatly folded burlap that appears to be sewn into the bag itself. No other items can be placed in the bag of bags. However, when the command word, a burlap sack may be withdrawn from the bag of bags.

The user determines the capacity of the sack when it is withdrawn (in cubic feet), but each bag of bags is limited to a total of 10d10 cubic feet of bags. The sacks themselves are very durable, but cannot carry more than 50 lbs per cubic foot of volume and possess no other magical properties.

Burlap sacks withdrawn from the bag of bags may be returned to it provided that there is at least 1 cubic foot of sack still within the satchel. Once the bag of bags is completely emptied, it becomes a non-magical canvas satchel with a carrying capacity of 10 lbs.

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