Monday, March 11, 2013

Three Days Till GaryCon!

I managed to get a total of two hours sleep last night.


So now here it's almost 9pm Eastern and I have to get every last minute thing packed and accounted for before I catch my flight tomorrow. Ideally, I'll be at the airport by around 8am. Which shouldn't be a problem since I live about fifteen minutes away from it.

I did manage to get the last of the paper minis I need printed. Mad props to Ze Bullete at Dungeons and Digressions for all the work he put into his paper minis.

Hopefully there won't be any delays sue to the weather. It's finally warming up here, but I understand it's still cold back home.

Tomorrow's blog will most likely be a vlog since I'll be traveling. I'll be bringing my Flip camera along with my webcam to take video during the con. Hopefully i will have plenty to share.


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  1. I just wanted to congratulate you for sticking to your guns and blogging every day about Gary Con. I know you were struggling at times for posts, but I really enjoyed this series. Congrats, and I'll see you there in 48 hours!