Friday, March 22, 2013

Pics from GaryCon V

These are mostly pics of some of the events I participated in and the people I hung out with. But they should give you a feel for what was going on at the convention.

My friend +George Fields 

+Jolly Blackburn holds court with some Kenzerites.

The Geekpreacher +Derek White 

My buddy Paul runs a late night game of HackMaster on Saturday.

More of Paul's HackMaster game.

The lobby of the Geneva Ridge Resort on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday gaming at the Kenzer booth.

+Jolly Blackburn runs a HackMaster demo.

+Barbara Blackburn and +Carolyn Stogdill 

+Christopher Stogdill , +Jolly Blackburn and +George Fields 

Someone cast Blur on Jolly

George points and laughs at Jolly while Chris gives mocking encouragement.

Chris and Carolyn

Jolly trying to remember my name.

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