Tuesday, January 1, 2013

72 Days Till GaryCon! So it's 2013.

I stopped making New Year's Resolutions a while back when I realized that anything that was important to do was worth not putting off until January 1st. But the start of a new year does provide some impetus to start up new things and make changes that we really need to make.

Now, most of my 'resolutions' revolve around non-gaming stuff. I need to lose 50 pounds. I need to study for the PE Exam. I need to save money. I need a girlfriend. You get the idea. But since this is a gaming blog, I should probably get a few gaming resolutions set as well.

So here goes.

I will find myself a regular gaming group.

I will introduce someone to tabletop gaming that hasn't done it before.

I will stay at GaryCon until it closes.

I will make sure to hang out with people at GaryCon.

I will try to attend another con this year.

I will try a new game I haven't played before.

I will try an old game I haven't played before.

I will get a decent bookshelf to carry all my gaming stuff (the one I bought at Target is falling apart under the weight of all my books.)

I will find a Friendly Local Game Store.

And finally, I will try to keep up with the rest of the online gaming community even after this 100 day challenge ends. Lord knows I have enough people on my Google+ account I should be connecting with.

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