Wednesday, January 9, 2013

64 Days Till GaryCon! You Gotta Be Kidding Me.

Two games that I am big fans of are Engines & Empires and Retro Phaze by John Higgins. I've had the privilege to play both with the creator when I lived in Indiana.

I've talked about both games in the past and I highly recommend picking up the free PDF versions of the games at the very least. I actually own a hardcopy version of Engines & Empires that I have gone so far as to tab so I can get to certain sections quickly. The print versions are relatively cheap compared to similar books. About $10 + S&H for Engines & Empires and around $7 + S&H for Retro Phaze.

So can someone tell me why Noble Knight is selling the print version of Retro Phaze for $30? And why are they listing it as out of print? It's not out of print, it's print-on-demand! I would hate to think that someone would see that and get the impression that Retro Phaze was not available or too expensive and give it a pass.

If you are looking for a new twist on Dungeons & Dragons, please give Engines & Empires a try. If you are interested in a game that simulates the old 8-bit console RPGs like Final Fantasy, take a look at Retro Phaze. And check out John's blog Playing Dice with the Universe and give him some feedback. John's a very creative guy and a real asset to the hobby. And I really want to see more from him. Maybe a little encouragement would help.

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