Tuesday, January 22, 2013

51 Days Till GaryCon! Halfway There.

It's hard to believe that I'm already halfway through this thing. I remember last month when I was trying to come up with an excuse to blog. By sheer luck I decided to catch up on Susannah Breslin's blog on Forbes.com and found she had done a 30 days series blogging non-stop about doing freelance work. One topic was about answering questions about being a writer. If you're not familiar with Ms. Breslin's work on Forbes she blogs mainly about three things: her recent battle with breast cancer, porn, and being a writer. In the case of the latter, she usually shows tough love towards 'aspiring writers'. In a nutshell, 'if you want to be a writer, then write' seems to be her philosophy. But it is true, people who want to write will write. People who want to be writers will fret and worry about getting started and never do any writing.

So it was on December 4th of 2012 that I was reading Ms. Breslin's work and wondering why I still had any blog let alone this one. I have had two blogs before this, both dealing with personal stuff with the occasional gaming topic. I started Weekend Wizardry because I hoped that having a single topic, gaming, would give me a focus for posting. And like most blogs it started well and then petered off after a while with short spikes in posting here and there for the April A-Z Challenge and the September of Short Adventures. The I realized two things: if I was going to have a blog then I should be writing, and if I couldn't find a challenge to blog for, I should make one up. By luck December 4th was 100 days prior to GaryCon. And hence the 100 Days Till GaryCon Challenge began.

Now I admit that at times I have scraped the bottom of the barrel for a topic these past 50 days. Some days I have something to write about, other days I write because I am supposed to. A lot of days I seem to write for nothing. And then there are moments where I find that my post from four days ago is one of the more popular things I have ever written.

I guess in the end, the important thing is that I have a reason to write again, even if it is just a bit if fluff here and there. So here is to the past 50 days of blogging, the next 50 days to come and that I continue to blog for even longer after this personal challenge is done.

Take care apprentices.


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