Wednesday, December 26, 2012

78 Days Till GaryCon!: Post-Christmas Day Gaming Swag.

I hope everyone's holiday went well. While I didn't ask for any gaming materials for Christmas, being in the Chicago area for the holidays means being able to hit one of the best gaming stores out there. I've mentioned Games Plus before when I first started this blog. Now that I live in upstate New York, I only get to visit it twice a year, during Christmas and GaryCon. So after spending the annual Boxing Day family get-together with my Dad and stepmother at Olive Garden, I headed to Mount Prospect to pick up some gaming gear.

The first order of business was to get 8 d3s for HackMaster. I chose the standard d6 labeled 1-3 twice as opposed to the "three-sided" die since they are easier to acquire and read in my opinion. These are pretty popular among HackMaster players like myself. Particularly among those that favor battle axes, which do 4d3p damage. I could have used a lot of these at last year's GaryCon, so I decided to stock up prior to GaryCon V. I also grabbed the latest two issues of Knights of the Dinner Table while I was at it.

In non-gamer swag I managed to get nine movies including Blade Runner and Layer Cake, both of which get the old gears turning when coming up with adventure ideas. Hopefully I'll be able to watch a few of them when I get home.

Speaking of which, Friday is going to be a travel day for me. Since this may impede blogging, I'll be posting Part Two of Memories of GaryCon II tomorrow.

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