Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Return of Hitting the Bottle Week!

Yes my apprentices, it is back! This week for five days only I will be providing you with new magical bottles, boxes, bags and other containers to use in your games. What wonders will we discover this year? Only one way to find out.

Last year's entries can be found here.

Portable Fishin' Hole

This initially appears to be a small, deep blue, circular piece of cloth approximately four inches in diameter. By grabbing the edges of the cloth and pulling, it can be stretched out to three feet in diameter. Folding the cloth allows it to be returned to it's original size. However, this in not the only property the cloth contains.

When placed on a horizontal surface, the cloth becomes a portal to a large body of water that is teeming with life. Though the water from the hole cannot be safely drank (it's seawater), it supports enough aquatic life to allow the owner to fish in any location in the world. Once done finishing, the hole can be picked up by lifting it along it's edge, where it reverts back into a piece of blue cloth.

Despite its name, the portable fishin' hole is not actually a hole. As a result it can be used on boats without running the risk of causing a leak.

To date, no one has attempted to enter the waters of the portable fishin' hole. Rumor has it that the hole is a link to the Elemental Plane of Water, though it is not conclusive whether the hole opens to the same location in the water every time.


  1. Hey David--I've pulled all the entries from last year into a file for my own use. What do you say to the possibility of me adding these new entries to the file and then posting it as a free PDF resource on my blog? You can see all the other PDFs I've pulled together over here under the "Downloads" tab:


    1. As long as you give credit to me and a link back to my blog, I'm okay with it.