Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hitting the Bottle Week: Catch-up and Conclusion

I still owe you guys yesterday's item as well as today's Time to get this thing finished. I'll be posting a link to these on Links to Wisdom soon.

Jar of Preservation

This jar of lead-lined glass contains a singularity that protects it's contents from the rest of the space-time continuum. Any object that is placed in the jar that can fit within it's boundaries is immune to the effects of time as long as the lid is secured. Organic items will not grow nor decay. Living creatures will be held in stasis while in the jar. Chemical processes such as fermentation and oxidation will not occur. Even spell durations will continue to persist while inside the jar, though the enchantments will not penetrate through the glass.

Jar of Vermin

This smoky-glass container is usually found sealed shut. If the command word is known, the user can open it to release an endless plague of vermin from the mouth of the jar. The type of vermin varies from jar to jar and is determined by the following table.

2d6 Die Roll                  Vermin
2-4                                Frogs
5-7                                Locusts
8-10                              Spiders
11-12                            Rodents

The creatures are weak individually, but as a swarm they can easily overwhelm. The vermin will continue to pour out from the jar until it is sealed again. The command word that activates the jar will also dismiss the vermin that have already been released.

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