Monday, April 23, 2012

S is for Setting, or History of the Archipelago

On the 10th day of Famine, 744 YND, a Reanaarian trading vessel was headed en route to Svimozhia along the Reanaarian Run when a storm from the north pushed the off course. After being battered by the wind and rain for two days, they found their vessel off shore of an archipelago southwest of Svimozhia. After spending six days on one of the islands making repairs and doing a small bit of exploration before getting back on their original course to Svimozhia.

Upon returning to Zoa, the captain of the vessel spoke to the elders and got permission to begin an expedition to explore the archipelago fully. No one is sure what the captain said to get the funding needed to begin this expedition. But everyone is sure that something was found on the island besides sand and friendly natives.

The Reanarrese aren't the only ones making plans for the archipelago. The Svimozhians quickly learned about it from a few rum-soaked crewman aboard the trading vessel, and they consider the archipelago to be part of Svimozhia. The Kalamaran Empire also has expressed interest in the archipelago. Both nations have begun to send their own expeditions.

The archipelago consists of eight islands, one central surrounded by the other seven. All attempts to find a safe place to disembark on the other islands has proven difficult. The seas around the island, particularly the central one, are filled with shallow reefs and a variety of intelligent and monstrous sea creatures. The sailors call these waters "The Devil's Moat".

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