Saturday, April 7, 2012

F is for Fighters

Fighters are awesome.

They aren't required to follow a particular ethos, philosophy or religion. In the heat of battle, all are warriors.

Fighters are unrestricted when it comes to weapons and armor. The mounted knight with plate, shield and lance. The dual-axe wielding wild man dressed in skins. The unarmored swashbuckler with the sabre. They are all fighters with their own style.

Fighters can go anywhere. They are as comfortable in the city as they are in the wild. As deadly in the desert as they are in the tundra. As useful in the darkest dungeon as they are stark battlefield.

If you go through a fighter's belongings you will not find the tools of a thief, nor the gruesome components of a wizard, nor the religious icons of the cleric. They will not have to worry about being accused of being a criminal, or burned at the stake for being a witch or heretic.

In battle the wizard, thief and cleric laugh at the fighter as he takes the enemy's shots while they prepare their counter-attack. But in the tavern after the battle, the patrons will hear how the fighter went toe-to-toe with the ogre while the others, stood back, hid and prayed.

Give a knife to a wizard, and he'll tie up some helpless damsel to sacrifice her to a demon. Give a knife to a thief, and he'll skulk in the shadows and stab an innocent passerby in the ribs for a few coppers. Give a knife to a fighter, and he'll hold it in his teeth as dives in to wrestle with an owlbear.

Fighters get all the glory. Fighters get the stories told about them. Fighters get free drinks from appreciative citizens. Fighters get all the chicks.

Fighters are awesome.

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  1. That is a really cool character piece. Fighters don't get enough love. Everyone wants to be the epic magic caster who can sling fireballs, but casting "stab in face" is just as awesome.

    Good luck with the challenge! You can still catch up!

    Dianna Fielding